Who am I and what qualifies me to talk sales with you!

Having spent 21 years in sales, negotiations and front line public services, I have combined all these skills with a course provided by an international sales trainer. That lead me to go on a journey, learning all aspects of the professional sales person, not just the money, the helping, the understanding and the ability to recognise and negotiate with people. I will make you think about your sales process, the way in which you approach customers, it isn't for everyone. However I do this for you to recognise who are buyers and who are not. We want to avoid sales resistance in 2022 because buyers are much more educated than ever and way more clued up on sales tactics and strategies. The way around this is to not sound like a sales person. 


I want you to recognise, sleaze sales don't work, natural conversations that work with the human on the other side will generate more enquiries, more leads, more closes and more referrals than you can imagine.