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3 Reasons your customers are not buying!

When you are selling to customers, there are a number of reasons why your customers don't buy your products. Some of this can be down to the price of your products, it could be actually what you sell isn't actually needed by the customer or it could be the fact you have not sold the customer on your value which means then you haven't got the customer excited on you, realising they have an issue and therefore the customer doesn't see the bonus and benefits.

To be able to get your customer into a buying position, you need to qualify them to ensure their is a problem, that you can fix the problem and they have the means and funds to be able to pay to fix the issue. Without all of these aligning, it could well be that you are just on a loop of "no's" to be able to sell.


Qualifying your prospect is key to any move forwards. You need to establish the issues and problems which the prospect has and this doesn't matter by the way what you sell. People only buy for problems and desires, problems are the bigger driving force of customers buying. Example; you may love to drive an Aston Martin, but it isn't achievable for everyone vs for example sales training, it is because your sales have bottle necked, you aren't closing at the level you want or the profits are not where you expected them to be. The need is to increase your sales, because without doing it, it is impacting on your growth and stability therefore, you would be more inclined to spend money to fix the issue.

Customers need issues to be able to buy, they want you to fix the problems they have and move forwards.

Customer Value

If a customer cannot see the value you bring to the party then they are not going to spend some money if they do not see why you are the person who can fix the issue they have. To build value, you have to be seen as an expert in the field you are in, the ability to solve the customers issues, not only solve them but give them buying an experience that creates a value for them. A customer needs to see that you can fix the issue, understand that you are an expert in your field. For example, I cannot change a cambelt and water pump on a car, so I take my car to an expert, but I only use 1 of 2 garages locally to me because their reputation is exceptional and I trust them. That is it, I will pay a little more for the service, I know that, but I know what they tell me will be honest and true.

To build value, be the person the customer can trust, demonstrate expertise and deliver on what you say you will.


This is the go to blame for all reasons customer's don't buy, but what if it isn't and actually the reason a customer doesn't buy because you can't sell. Price is a strange topic and there are many experts on it, personally I believe in the approach take by Robin Waite @fearlessbuiness who view on this is very much if everyone is charging the same then who actually has set the price and market. How do you know your price is right if you are following the droves of everyone else setting the same prices. It is more about testing the market and pricing to establish if you are correct or close to where the prices need to be or whether you are blowing yourself out of the water. However, just because everyone charges £200 doesn't mean you have to charge £200.

Your expertise are different to everyone else's, just because you are in the same market doesn't mean the same experience as everyone else.

The Key to Success

Focus on your customer, what issues they have and you will get to know quickly whether you are the right or wrong service for them. If you are right, ensure you explore the pain points and issues they are experiencing so when you come to the close all of the reasons they have the issues is all the reasons they should close.

Remember sales is not slippery, trying to convince people with mega deals and out the door sales, it is a conversation between yourself and the customer or there team to establish what they are looking to achieve and solve.

Sales is a conversation with a structure to it.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to discuss your sales numbers, process or progress into 2022, email

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