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6 Tips to increase sales today!

Getting into sales is probably one of the most advertised roles in the UK and possibly other countries also, such as USA, Australia and many more. It is interesting because as a business sales people are employed to look after one of the most vital aspects of your business, the revenue brought in and the money which is the lifeblood of every business.

Bear this in mind when I say majority of sales roles require little or no experience, sure you will find businesses looking for people who have been in the same industry and have this term "industry experience" but when all is said and done, sales is vital within every business. So with this in mind, why do people not look after the investment of staff in this area and why do staff not push to develop themselves.

The Everyday Sales Person

Business development manager, field sales executive, sales executive, national account account manager, regional account manager, regional sales manager, inbound/outbound team, sales development and so the names go on, but bear in mind all these roles have 1 thing in common. That is the requirement to sell for the business they work for.

Most sales people as I said fell into the role, they are "good at talking to people and are able to "get along" easily, they may even be approachable, friendly, bubbly and many other terms but really is that enough to make a sales person great. Again there is an element of results delivered by sheer fact of your company, reputation and recommendations. The everyday sales person is good at talking to someone and may well be easily able to make friendships with customers and grow relationships.

Top Performing Sales People

So the roles don't change, well not unless they keep getting promoted by management, so they will be in all the roles above, however what do they do different that means they earn there commission, the company has a great flow of customers and business. What is it that makes them able to out perform. The simple answer is they think of themselves as a professional, able to diagnose problems in business and they have a structure which supports every action they take.

Let me explain, when a top performer in sales goes out to work, it's because they have a process for there day and know exactly what they are going to do in order to achieve, not only this though, they day is structured so there calendar is sectioned out for specific actions. When speaking to new or existing customer's the focus is always on the customers issues and problems that they have, how big those problems are and whether the business has a solution to fix.

You won't find the top sales folk saying, "I hope this deal comes in" because they do so well in diagnosis, that for them they knew the customers issues inside and out and have presented a crafted solution to the customer, they know what the customer is thinking.

Knowing where you are in every sales process for every enquiry means you can predict more where customers thoughts are at.

To get the best performance out of yourself you need to be consistent in all actions, so prospecting, warm calls, qualification, solution objections, closing and all other areas of the sales journey. Imagine just riding a bike 1 or 3 times, you won't be strong but keep riding and be consistent at it and before you know your a bike riding expert and sales is the same, you need your muscle memory to kick in and work with you, so that your fully prepared in your process.

Imagine this, you want someone to run your Facebook ads for your business so you search out.

Company A -

You Speak with these guys, they tell you that they have run ads for lots of businesses and for £400 per month they can run your ads and will "guarantee a return" on your £400 per month. You ask how they will do it and they reply with "we can't go to the ins and outs" but we can do this, we have done this loads of times before.

Company B -

You speak to these guys, they ask you what it is your looking to achieve from your ads, why you have chosen specifically to look at Facebook ads. They ask the cost of a lead to you and you say £2500 over 12 months (£208.33p/m). They advise you also of customers who they are working with in similar industries and and then they say ask "what are you currently getting?" and you reply, "10 leads" and then they promise to deliver a minimum of 20 leads on top of the 10 you get, so now that is 30 leads a month in your business and for this the cost is £7000. The cost to achieve leads worth £2500 per lead is now £7000 and for this they guarantee the 20 + leads per month and they have industry recommendations to support.

In Company A or they focused on is what they do, company B have focused on what is the problem, why is it a problem and then how they can work with you for you a resolution to solve it and give you the extra leads you need.

Tips to work on your sales

There is a lot of actions you can take today to become a top performer or work on your performance which will increase your sales and the businesses revenue.

  1. Have a diary and section out times for each action. for example


Cold calling Min 30


Quote Follow Up


New customer follow up


order chasing






Existing Customer calls



What you will find, most performers will keep this consistent however that looks, they know each day what actions they will take and how to move forwards.

2. Invest in training

They will constantly be looking to upskills themselves, not sitting still and just keep doing the same thing, but actually start working on how to progress, whether that be changes in the market, sales skills or even their own mindset etc.

3. Diagnose rather than sell

Of course, everyone knows that ultimately the role is to sell, however professionals diagnose rather than push a sale, the focus is all on the customer and what the problems that customer has and if they have a solution for it instead of focusing on the sale. Take the focus off you and how great you are and the product you sell is and oddly you will sell more!

4. Think like a buyer

It is an odd one but lots of people when they go into sales mode start this complete fake and weird approach. However, reverse the role, if you were the buyer would you want to have someone suddenly dumping all over you or would you prefer it to be a natural interested conversation. Professionals do not make buyers think like this is a sale.

5. Sales Resistance

Commonly known as the sales way to end a call in 3 seconds! If you start talking all salesy on someone, they get sales resistance, buyers remorse and loose interest quick time. You have to not sound like a sales person! Having an actual conversation is the way to do this, you want to relax the customer into a conversation and quickly away from the thought of sales as soon as possible.

6. What Works & do more

Once you find out what works well in your industry, keep doing it. Sometimes you will find sales managers and directors who have been there for a long time, but find what works best and use that to your advantage and work it for you and the customers benefit.

There are many other actions which will help you increase your sales performance and grow, but these actions you can take today and start having an immediate impact on your sales figures.

If you want a sales process review and growth strategy, reach out or call 07506027642.

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