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Does sales training work and will it work in my business?

The simple answer to this is to look in the mirror and ask yourself and the team are you ready to make a change and commit to that change!

Now this is a controversial one, but here is how it normally goes;

Sales are good, we want to get to the next level, let's get someone in to train the team.

Sales trainer; comes in motivation is high, teaches methods and gives the opportunity for the business owner and sales team to grow.

Sales team/ business owner, absolutely go out and instantly become like gold closing kings, everything they touch turns into a sale and they just love it.

A week passes, then a month and slowly they slip back into the way they were doing things pre-training! The reason, well partly it's muscle memory, to take consistent action off the training you have to be practicing and using it daily. You have to want to change, take the training on board and become a master of sales, your process and the customer buying journey.

However for a lot of people, they just fall down back into where they were before. Why? well it is easy, they slide back into it because it requires less effort from the sales person, it requires less thinking and as such they don't practice!

So, does sales training work?

Yes if you want to treat your role in sales as a professional, someone who talks to customers, understands the issues they have and offers professional resolutions to solve the problems. See you need to think of yourself as a sales doctor almost, diagnosing and then finding a solution to a customers issues. That way you will be the consultive seller and you will naturally close more sales.

No, if you just want to have a few high fives for a couple of weeks and then back to the norm.

What are your thoughts on sales trainers, i'd be really interested to hear your views?

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