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Friendly means I sell

"Best way to sell something: don't sell anything: earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy" Quoted; Jordan Belfort The wolf of wall street

This is a real pet hate of mine, it's the sales person who pretends to be friends with a prospect just because they think that will open the door for them, get them in and make a prospect buy because, wow the prospect likes me.

What do I mean by liked, well we talked about the weather, the football, our kids, where we live, how the world is after covid or politics even though I am absolutely 100% not interested in any of the answers given by the prospect, I am just trying to build this rapport thing everyone speaks of, I know naff all about politics, don't have the scooby about football and well the weather is always shit this time of the year in the UK.

See, in sales the original training methods, we used to talk all about the world of rapport and finding common ground with people that would mean you could have this "nice" chat with them and you may actually talk the business and what you do. The focus was actually taken away from sales which in turn made the call more sales sounding because now you had prospects getting 20 of the script calls a day! You know the one's, they start something like this; "Hello Mr Smith, my name is Bob from ABC company, how are you doing today?"

Bob replied with "I am good"

and then the cringey, "How's the weather near you?" or some other poor attempt at building a rapport and before you know the phone is down, the call is over and the sales person would go on and do the same again and again or worse, they would then start sending out an email that is way more important about the Friday afternoon beers in the Bod!

It is not your fault, see you were taught to build this rapport and try go about it to make friends with a prospect which would lead to you getting past the "is this of interest" Sales trainers have come and gone in this field and have done this time and again!

Making friends = sales!

I want to challenge this belief for you right now! Recall the last time you purchased a car, holiday, house, technology or any other large purchase.

Did the sales person sound happy and over friendly? Were you feeling like they buddied up to you?

Now immediately after the transaction, did they continue to maintain that kind of relationship? Likelihood is no! You may have got a courtesy call but that was it.

The professional sales person is the curious one, but calls like a professional, diagnosing what is happening with prospects and their business, from the first call all the way through they have personality but ask questions which actually draw out answers. They treat the process as a assessment of your situation and the resolution as the fix. Now sure, you could be come friends after wards and go for a beer! You could be the best thing that ever happened fixing their problems and they love and respect you for that.

The sale is a process, it should have personality in it but you do not need to be friend the buyer in order to sell something. I personally have sat in sales meetings where a buyer has said we really like you but the other company can just cover all these extra points and when that is said to you and you do the come back of "oh we can to" usually its about 5 days to late, the contract is signed and money is paid.

So what am I really saying;

Be you, be confident, have personality, but for the absolute love of cheese ask relevant questions and not this absolute squabble of rapport building questions. Diagnose, decide and deliver and then further on you could have an amazing relationship.

Trust me, when I learned this approach, I used a much more consultive sales approach which helped me close multiple sales with high street retailers, pharmacy groups and the like.

Ask great questions of your prospects which challenge them, listen to what they say and put together a desired solution.

Remember until there is a sale you are an information point! Being the info point is not where you want to be.

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