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I just need to talk with... to make a decision! Objections in sales

Ever heard this one, you have done an absolutely stunning presentation of your product, how you can fix the prospects issues in life, they are giving you the right come on, the nods the agreements the "yeah this is gonna happen"

and then...

These words "Thank you, I just need to show this to" or "Great, before we go ahead I need to talk to my wife/ husband /partner"

You wonder what the heck actually happened and how possibly did this happen?

The clear and simple answer to this is you didn't do enough in the early stages to understand who the buyers are! You didn't ask the right questions in the beginning of your process which means you didn't find out who is involved in the process!

So how do you do it? Well, don't ask "Are you the buyer or decision maker?" Making these comments to a prospect on the phone will get their back up, they will be way more agitated and fight against you and in turn you ain't getting to know who else is connected.

The way to handle this is to be gentle in your approach, you want to convince the person on the phone that you want to help and in turn to do this you need to ask a subtle probing question. So use this phrase and get the desired answer you require;

"Can you help me understand what the buying process looks like in your business/ home?"

That's it, let them tell you how it works, let them speak about the process and who is involved. By doing this you are asking a laid back question of just help me understand. You don't want to fight against the buyers, you want to have them on side in the process.

Here is a download sheet you can use in your prospecting you need to get yes's to in order to be able to move a customer forwards, if they are not all yes the likelihood of the relationship moving forward is pretty slim. Use it to help you in your sales:

It covers the top 5 questions needed to get answered to move your prospects on;

  1. Does the customer have a problem which my product can fix

  2. Does the customer acknowledge that they have the issue

  3. Have they shown enough commitment to show they want change

  4. Do they have Budget, Need, Authority and time to commit to this

  5. What timescale are they working on to solve this issue.

Use the form below as a free download.

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