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Mindset in sales - is it important?

In this I will cover off how important is mindset in your sales and does it affect you?

When I started my career in sales back when I was 17 years of age and young out of school, mindset was mentioned then by some senior guys where I worked. They would all vary how they got into there zone, one guy would lock himself away for hours and not come out of the office. Another was in the gym every day at 6am for 2 hours and one seemed naturally like a gift to the world of sales and whatever he touched turned gold in his sales!

The one thing all these guys had in common, they were extremely successful at selling mortgages which is what I did.

I however thought mindset was just some weird chanting in the head stuff and actually had no effect on performance. However, here is the key at 17 I didn't really care as much about extra income as long as I got my basic I was comfortable to live, love and enjoy life because I had 0 responsibilities. As a result, I wasn't looking to make sales per-se however they happened and happened regularly.

In 2015, I left a great front line public service role in which mindset focused on problem solving and being able to make quick decisions. Now I didn't know that was going to form part of my latter life decisions, but it did.


I went into the world of car sales, this time I am more attached to what is going on, I have a young family at home and bills to pay and much more aware of what selling or more importantly not selling a car is worth to me. I started researching sales on YouTube, I looked at different trainers and I started speaking to top performers in the group I worked. One thing was consistent, mindset! Each had there own routine to get ready for the day and most importantly each were not focused on the sale, they were focused on the customer, the journey and the best for them.

Now in the world of car sales, clearly there are certain pressures on staff to perform, however, I listened as each would discover exactly why the customer was looking to change the car and I even witnessed a few times one guy talk people out of cars that wouldn't be suitable in 9 months time because he knew the finance would be 3 years. He was aware of the customers needs and he ran the risk of loosing the customer, but the focus for him was the customer. In turn this guy would average £6000 commission a month and during new car months £15000 +.

Training for me

I went on some truly awful sales training courses, like well out of the 80's with slick handshakes and slick hair styles, it was truly awful. I then invested, I found a sales trainer who was internationally recognised, he focused on the entire journey of a customer and absolutely knew every stage a customer was at. Here is the key takeaway I learnt, Mindset! His mindset was so laser focused, that during this training I would do daily role plays before work started, this meant if a particular issue kept coming up I could role play it out to get past the situation. It meant I knew exactly what a customer was saying, wasn't saying and how to handle the scenario. The other key takeaway, don't be attached to the outcome of any sale.

Sales Mindset Focus

Outcome focused means you will give away silly offers to gain a sale or make promises on projects that is simply not cost effective or if it is then it so low on margin that its almost pointless doing it. In doing this, you will also need to achieve more customers in order to deliver the income your business needs to sustain.

Problem Solver Mentality approach means you are going into all sales calls with the attitude of a professional problem solver rather than a cheeky sales person. The difference, a problem solver is looking to converse with customers to establish if what services they offer have any bearing for a customer. If a customer doesn't have an issue, no matter how good it will be near impossible to sell to them. I say near as there could always be one unicorn out there that will buy. In essence this is the key art of a Business Development Manager role, establish, review, solve.

Prepared for any possible scenario. When you are working with customers, very much like the age old saying, don't work with children and animals, customers are much the same they can curve ball you at any moment. Knowing where you are in each sale and being prepared for the customers barriers and objections will allow you to focus on a customers needs, it will also let you be able to confidently answer the objection and understand why the customer is saying what they say.

Aware of everything you need to do in order to achieve what you desire. So, time is blocked out for prospecting, quoting, following up, referrals, projects, customer accounts, expiring contracts, services delivered. Every aspect you are aware of and have a process and structure in place for that part of the customer sales journey.


Mindset is massive in the realms of sales, if you are unfocused, uncommitted, none dedicated and consistent then you will struggle to achieve and exceed consistent results. By the way this took my earnings up 10 x more than they were.

Having a focus on your sales process is and how you work through each element of it will no doubt help you gain customers, keep customers, but most importantly it will keep you taking action every day.

I would suggest getting your routine in place, diary, follow up every element and stay consistent and do it daily. That way your muscle memory, in this case your brain will be trained ready, you will be confident in closing more sales.

Sales is the life blood of all businesses! To book a call with Jamie at Building Profits about your sales process, just click the link here.

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