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What does sales mean to you?

Sales, when you hear the word sales or sales person what does it make you think of? Chances are you'll be thinking of some car sales man with a flash watch, fast talking and pressuring you into buying a car and selling a load of bits on the side.

Actually sales people and business owners take many forms, they can be called sales executives, key account managers, national account managers, business development managers, business development executives and the names continue. The one thing all these titles have in common, they are the front line of sales for your business.

So what actually is sales? Well, the official line is 'the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something'

A quantity or amount sold and the activity or business of selling products.

Actually, the simple fact is sales is the investigation by the sales person with a prospect or customer into whether a product or service is a fit for the customer, it can solve what the customer wants it to and that they can afford it.

In prior years, you will have heard, build the rapport and the relationship, that will get them spending! However, we are in a time now that customers can compare several options relatively quickly, so being the professional and helping customers find their needs, issues and wants then offering a solution is now the rapport.

So you have a customer, they have a problem and you have a solution and importantly they can afford it with you, well then it is simply back to what is sales and that is the exchange of a commodity for money.

It is not any more complex than that! Now there are sectors where the sales cycle is prolonged because of the value of the project, the nature of the customer business or the amount of buyers involved, but simply put sales is as above.

Establish ----------> Sell ---------> Deliver ----------> Repeat

That is sales in a nutshell, regardless of the role title whether your a business development manager, key account manager, sales executive or any of the other titles, that is your job.

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