Jamie understands that sales can be challenging and in 2022 buyers are more aware than ever of sales people. I want you to understand the buyer, the person you are trying to sell to, but using human conversation to prevent the customer putting sales defences up and instead encourage them to open up and speak to you as the expert you are.
What ever level of sales career you have, the market has changed and you need to now work with human behaviour rather than feature fatigue your customers.


Sales Teams, SDR's, Business Development, Sales exec's

Training for the modern sales team whether you meet customers face to face, zoom or on the phone. This identifies your stronger and weaker areas and focus's on pushing you to a new way of thinking. In particular we work on;

  • Sales Process

  • Buyer psychology

  • Prospecting 

  • Qualifying 

  • Closing 

  • Referrals

  • Question types and why

  • Mindset


Leadership in sales

When a leader in sales, it can be more challenging to manage a sales team as pressures are different, but leadership and managing are very different. Review the following areas;

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales team management

  • Sales support 

  • Leadership 


New to sales or wanting to upskill your business

Sales is stressful, sweaty palms and not really knowing how to make your next move or how to move the conversation along. In this package, we work together reviewing your entire sales strategy, the scripts that you use and how to work with buyers rather than trigger a buyer to resist the sales process.

  • Opening conversations

  • Buyers Psychology

  • Selling psychology

  • Business development

  • Prospecting inbound and outbound

  • Process

  • Questions to ask

  • Follow up

  • Close

  • Referral